Surcharge Items & Additional Service Prices

Surcharge ItemPrice per Each Piece
Freon Items: Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, Water Cooler, etc… $25.00
Mattress or Box Spring$35.00
Television or Computer Monitor $25.00
Tire Automobile, Motorcycle, Trailer or Truck $25.00
Water Heater Water Tank $25.00

Additional ServicePrice
Extra Rental Days$5.00 per each extra day
Extra Yards$49.00 per each extra cubic yard
Extra Weight$35.00 per each additional 500#
Expedited Pick Up Service From $99.00 (please call for quote)
Attempted Delivery or Pick Up, Unavailable or Blocked in Dumpster, etc.
From $99.00
Relocation of Dumpster From $99.00 (please call for quote)
Return of Refused DumpsterA Full Rental Charge of the Original Dumpster Rental Price, Plus Any and All Handling Fees and Costs Incurred.